Thursday, September 22, 2005
  a pictorial walk around james bay... well, not much is going on, i'm hanging about waiting for the phone to ring, but it doesn't seem to be happening. a slight shame, but no big deal. for a laugh, check out this video of george bush kinda drunk getting interviewed. anyway, on to 'a pictorial walk around james bay....' OK, the first one is of the candle which sits outside our door, its really nice to sit outside at night listening to the sounds of James Bay next to the flickering light of a candle. so anyway, i took a photo of it in the daytime. This is James Bay, Victoria. It took me about 3 minutes to walk here from home. This is another photo of the same James Bay, just far too saturated, sorry I was messing around with Rachel's new camera. So there's this trail you can walk along, you'll find heaps of old people along this track decked out in complimenting track suits and matching wrap around sunglasses. So you can walk along this track, which leads down to the 'beach'.. i never really thoughts that pebbles constitutes a beach, but i guess i could be a little biased considering we have SAND back in Australia, but anyway, here is the beach, looking over towards Washington State, USA. Here's another photo of the same beach as before, but just looking a bit to the right. there seems to be some problem uploading pictures, so i'll post this, then fix it.. sigh.. **UPDATE 01** it seems i can't post more pictures so i'll try again later.. stupid stupid stupid blogspot. you fucks really shit me, how about supporting Mac and Safari like you do IE and Windows.. grr. the other pictures are much better too, i'm sorry folks. **UPDATE 02** i've now thrown in some more google text ads at the bottom of the first new post. please click on them for me, as i can only click on them so many times!  
Sunday, September 18, 2005
  since moving 3mm closer to japan... i keep thinking its monday, and i haven't done anything, then i realise, i don't do that much on mondays anyway. i think it's good that its not monday. sunday MY FEET ARE TOO COLD... I'M SORRY. 
Wednesday, September 14, 2005
  i moved 3mm closer to japan over the last couple of days... check it out! Tremors in Vancouver. from the article.. "Southern Vancouver Island is sort of sliding towards the west right now. We're moving towards Japan," said John Cassidy, a seismologist with Natural Resource Canada at the Pacific Geoscience Centre near Sidney, B.C. "It's a very small amount. We've moved about three millimetres to the west over the past couple of days." it could happen ANY DAY..! fear and hysteria.. ! now. 
  this one is dedicated to, Kofi Anan. for no particular reason well, it looks like i'm pretty popular when you search for "secretpants" on google's new blogsearch. wicked. i'm now finished my short little contract with chevron, good times were had by all. yeah, well there's just not all that much to talk about after going to peterol stations for three days. i've got to finish my application letter today, it's just.. i don't know, it sucks, i'd prefer an interview, i think.. i guess we'll get to that eventually.. but i still have to do it, i need a job.. oh, we called up the landlord to see if we could half our security deposit back as he said he would. he said yeah no problem, come over, so we headed over. when we got there we saw them boarding up the entire building!! hahah! so crazy. there were ply wood boards over every door and window, except the top floor and said they'd cut the power the other day. totally insane. so, if we didn't move out when we did, we'd have to be doing it now. haha. i wonder if they left the junkies in there. but anyway, we asked about the security deposit, and say's oh yeah, how much was it? $362.50 so he pulls out a wad of cash and starts rolling out $100 bills, one at a time. he counts, 1 --- 2 --- 3 then the pauses... --- 4. and then says i'll be getting some change later, so come back for the rest! haha. so we said thanks, catch ya later and headed off in the car. once we were far enough away in the car, about three blocks, i turn to rachel, " he just gave us $400 dollars!" and we laughed all the way home. i just love people who can't count. he owed us more for all the hassles, but its over with now, and legally he owed us twice the damage deposit considering it had been over 15 days he'd held it, but it's over with now. i want to find the right picture to go just beneath this portion of text.. there. 
Sunday, September 11, 2005
  hey there well, we're back on the internet, got a phone too. very exciting times. for the sake of there being far too much waffling text, here's a picture of a light fixture. i liked it. and it was taken with rachel's very fancy new camera. ohh, i liked this picture too... this was one of the many times we were hanging out at felicitas, it was the very same tomatoe sauce bottle i used on my fries.. i have made it through to the second round of the application process for a job, which i really should be working on right now. but, it can wait a while. secretpants 
Wednesday, September 07, 2005
  i gots me a job... and i wasn't even looking. nice. and it's only for two days, i just don't think there's any rush to get back into the workin' world. but hey, i need to get some money together otherwise i could be in strife... secretpants. 
Tuesday, September 06, 2005
  job interview today yes thats right, just a little nervous, considering its the first interview i've had since ... well i guess since i started at greythorn about 4-5 years ago now... at the intenert cafe printing out my CV, not much else. our internet is getting hooked up in a day or two now, which will be nice, i'm just so sick of using these crappy machines at the internet cafe's.. it's amazing most of them are still windows 98.. sad.. it really is. 
Monday, September 05, 2005
  i miss my camera... yerr.. nothing much is going on, it's labour day weekend here, so everything is somewhat closed on monday. i guess i'm mainly concerned with whats for dinner. not too much else that's for sure. my camera is still broken, as i can't afford to get it fixed, or get a new one which will most likely be cheaper than fixing it. we had a coffee down the street and did the crossword already. then tried to read, but my head hurts. yadda.... yadda. 
Sunday, September 04, 2005
  not much is going on... waiting to get a job, and thats about it... oh and we're going to make some mango sushi tonight i think, it's really tastey. 
i usually just wear my normal pants, but just sometimes, i find the secret pants.

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