Tuesday, August 30, 2005
  new, new, new layout which actually allows you to read it, which may help i guess. we're moving into our new new place on wednesday now. was on monday, then tuesday, now wednesday. fingers crossed there'll be no more messing about, there's only so much longer i can live like a hobo.  
Saturday, August 27, 2005
  sorry about the new layout.. it looks good on my lappy, but i've seen it on a windows machine and its pretty horrible. i think you need to be running a decent resolution like 1024x768 at least. 
  stay away from Cook Street ok.. things have moved so very very fast and in so many directions, and now i'm rather exhausted and not exactly out of the fire just yet. it seems like i have an uncanny knack for finding THE most insane places to live. but i've sorted it out now, well pretty much. our much vaunted move down to victoria started off really well. we were so organised and did the actual move without too much trouble. but once we actually closed the door for the first time while we were inside things just went from nutty to utterly insane in the matter of about 4 hours. we moved everything into our new place, then decided to start putting stuff away and cleaning up as it all seemed a little dirty. no big deal. so i grabbed the bleach and headed to the bathroom to clean the tub, sink and toilet. the rach calls me into the kitchen to look at something she found in the cupboard she was cleaning. it was blue and strange, and didn't really look like anything we'd seen in kitchenware before. it was a blue vial. i didn't like the look of it, but not being a junkie, wasn't exactly sure what it was but we had very grave suspicions. so i picked it up with some toilet paper and plastic bags and threw it in the bin. we decided that it was most probably something junkie related. so we stopped cleaning and decided to try to get some sleep. we layed down for about 35-40 mins, completely exhausted, but unable to sleep. we lay there listening to the noise and strange sounds coming from everywhere in the building. we'd already had a run-in with a junkie lady at the door, so we were quite on edge. after a while, we decided to run off to the pub for a soothing beer and a vodka before it closed. we felt good, and that perhaps we were just over reacting. so we were walking back 'home' from the pub when some mindless jerk threw an egg at us from a car, which hit us on the back. feeling insanely enraged, we realised that there was no way that we could take a bath, as it was utterly filthy, that we'd have to find some other place to stay, and considering it was 2am we headed off to a hotel for a hot shower and to relax. we woke up in the morning, checked out and went back to our 'new home' to search every corner of the house to make sure it was safe. so we started looking around in odd spots, where we found dirty rags, more blue vials in the bedroom closet and a used syringe on top of the pantry. this put us over the edge, we grabbed everything that we could and got the hell out of there and went straight to the rental tenants office to find out what our rights were. we loaded up with legal information and went back to the place and called the landlord. this then started an hour or so long argument. he agreed to end our lease but wouldn't give back our bond, so now i'm lodging papers and evidence with the arbitration folk to recover our costs. so we started looking through the paper for new places, called a few and made some appointments. we couldn't even speak, we were so disheartened and furious that we have to start looking all over again. fortunately, we've found a new new place right by the ocean which looks over to the olympic mountains in washington state (seattle). its an amazing place, we have our very own backyard, a super nice landlady and a much much much much much much much much better place. i'm just so happy now, if i wrote about this yesterday i would have to had put a course language warning at the top. thankfully it's all sorted now. but jesus, what a horrible horrible couple of days. i don't think i've really even scratched the surface of all the ill feeling i was feeling yesterday. but i can now look forward to our second house in victoria. and my camera broke the other day so i won't be able to take photo's, but rach just bought a new one so i'll probably just use hers to show off my new pad. kick ass! hope you're all good. secret_pants. 
Monday, August 22, 2005
  The Devil's Asshole.. yeah, that's right, she's done it again, taken away the internet. then the other night she called the cops on us. but we're strong and won't be fucked with. this lady must surely have a huge karma debt that must surely be called in by the karma bankers. one day, it will happen, and that day will be glorious. i'm salivating at her demise... she IS the devil's asshole. anyway, on to more exciting stuff. we're moving on the 25th of august to victoria to our new place. i can't wait.. to deal with someone else nearly as neurotic... no, it's going to be great and far enough away from evil bitch to hopefully make me forget. then we're going to someplace where we've got access to a log cabin out in the woods which is only accesible by boat. i don't think evil bitch will be able to find us there but who knows... i'm heading back to Melbourne, Australia, on the 28th of Sept for Andrew and Naomi's wedding, then straight back here and probably to find a job which is not particularly exciting, unless i decide to sell my body which could be rather fun.. it was me and rac's birthdays a few days ago, we headed to vancouver which was ace. mine, well i spent it all by myself as R had to work 12-14 hour shifts since we got back from vancouver. a bit of a shame, but R's bday made up for it. i've been getting lots of calls from recruiters, i turned down a job at HP as it would have made me stay in parksville for another month, and that's just not going to happen. so i'm now longer worried about finding work and have put off the search until i get back from Australia. sweet. i'm verging on 4 months of being unemployed and i've never been happier, i highly recommend it! anyway, take care out there, you never know who may be living upstairs from you. i thought i stopped believing in monsters when i was little, but now i can see that monsters are very very real, and they are now known to me as, The Devil's Asshole. SecretPants. 
Saturday, August 13, 2005
  in the meantime.. i finally have a cable modem so that i can now more fully involve myself with trying to flatter myself on my very own website. anyway, just to recap here's what i've been up to.. since the last picture, it was amanda's birthday, we went to one party she went to another, the hosts of the two parties had a comittee meeting and decided that everyone should come to where we were. that was good. then at some stage later on, R and I tried to go camping at lake cowichan. we got to our campsite after having a few chores to get out of the way in victoria at around 10pm. it was coimpletely dark under the old tree's. we set up as best we could and tried to get a camp fire going, unfortunately there was no fire wood left anywhere. the next day it just didn't stop raining, it didn't stop raining for the next three days actually. and this is our tent in the rain, taken from the picnic table under the tarp angle. some of the tree's..! we looked this way all day long whilst sitting at the picnic table drinking red wine... then we went back to parksville for a while, then one day i went to the post office and they had a present for me... from me. sweet. then one day we had to take a little trip to this place called nanoose bay. it's pretty nice, if i were about 50, and i had a boat, i'd leave it here. after doing all that fun stuff, we decided we should probably try to find somewhere to live. we eventually did, i don't have any photo's because i'm a bit stupid. but this one of the only pictures i took while house hunting. yes it was the first. thats just how it is with apartment photos, seen one, seem pretty much most of em. but ours is a little different. i think. i can't remember... i should have taken pictures.. anyway, this was just one of the crap ones we didn't want to live in.. then i went to victoria university for an afternoon, its a huge uni, massive big grounds, i found these jogging trails through a bush area. then i went into the library because it was pretty hot out there. then on tuesday i went to vancouver. we stayed over night, it was rather good. and that's it. the only other things i have done are grocery shopping and the camera batteries were dead.. 
Monday, August 08, 2005
  Third Annual Tomato Potluck Picnic Third Annual Tomato Potluck Picnic Tuesday, August Slow Food Vancouver will gather on the mound at the east end of Granville Island at 7:00 pm for our third annual tomato potluck picnic. Members and prospective members are invited to join us for a shared meal celebrating the glories of our local tomato harvest. Bring a blanket to sit on, your own plates and cutlery, whatever you want to drink, and one dish to share. Please prepare a dish that includes tomatoes, and which serves six to eight people. In previous years, we have had soups, salads, main dishes, and even desserts—all with tomatoes in them. We are all looking forward to exciting new dishes, and another August evening of food, wine and friends.


and this is the whole entire reason that R and I are heading over to Vancouver for a day or two. it should be great, i love tomatoes. bring extra cheese. 

Sunday, August 07, 2005
  no internet crazy lady from upstairs stole our modem about two weeks ago. we're pursuing it through the police, and guess what they told us..? "just break in and get it back yourself." thank-you, RCMP. You are quite amazing really. 
i usually just wear my normal pants, but just sometimes, i find the secret pants.

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