Thursday, September 22, 2005
  a pictorial walk around james bay... well, not much is going on, i'm hanging about waiting for the phone to ring, but it doesn't seem to be happening. a slight shame, but no big deal. for a laugh, check out this video of george bush kinda drunk getting interviewed. anyway, on to 'a pictorial walk around james bay....' OK, the first one is of the candle which sits outside our door, its really nice to sit outside at night listening to the sounds of James Bay next to the flickering light of a candle. so anyway, i took a photo of it in the daytime. This is James Bay, Victoria. It took me about 3 minutes to walk here from home. This is another photo of the same James Bay, just far too saturated, sorry I was messing around with Rachel's new camera. So there's this trail you can walk along, you'll find heaps of old people along this track decked out in complimenting track suits and matching wrap around sunglasses. So you can walk along this track, which leads down to the 'beach'.. i never really thoughts that pebbles constitutes a beach, but i guess i could be a little biased considering we have SAND back in Australia, but anyway, here is the beach, looking over towards Washington State, USA. Here's another photo of the same beach as before, but just looking a bit to the right. there seems to be some problem uploading pictures, so i'll post this, then fix it.. sigh.. **UPDATE 01** it seems i can't post more pictures so i'll try again later.. stupid stupid stupid blogspot. you fucks really shit me, how about supporting Mac and Safari like you do IE and Windows.. grr. the other pictures are much better too, i'm sorry folks. **UPDATE 02** i've now thrown in some more google text ads at the bottom of the first new post. please click on them for me, as i can only click on them so many times!  
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