Wednesday, September 14, 2005
  this one is dedicated to, Kofi Anan. for no particular reason well, it looks like i'm pretty popular when you search for "secretpants" on google's new blogsearch. wicked. i'm now finished my short little contract with chevron, good times were had by all. yeah, well there's just not all that much to talk about after going to peterol stations for three days. i've got to finish my application letter today, it's just.. i don't know, it sucks, i'd prefer an interview, i think.. i guess we'll get to that eventually.. but i still have to do it, i need a job.. oh, we called up the landlord to see if we could half our security deposit back as he said he would. he said yeah no problem, come over, so we headed over. when we got there we saw them boarding up the entire building!! hahah! so crazy. there were ply wood boards over every door and window, except the top floor and said they'd cut the power the other day. totally insane. so, if we didn't move out when we did, we'd have to be doing it now. haha. i wonder if they left the junkies in there. but anyway, we asked about the security deposit, and say's oh yeah, how much was it? $362.50 so he pulls out a wad of cash and starts rolling out $100 bills, one at a time. he counts, 1 --- 2 --- 3 then the pauses... --- 4. and then says i'll be getting some change later, so come back for the rest! haha. so we said thanks, catch ya later and headed off in the car. once we were far enough away in the car, about three blocks, i turn to rachel, " he just gave us $400 dollars!" and we laughed all the way home. i just love people who can't count. he owed us more for all the hassles, but its over with now, and legally he owed us twice the damage deposit considering it had been over 15 days he'd held it, but it's over with now. i want to find the right picture to go just beneath this portion of text.. there. 
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i usually just wear my normal pants, but just sometimes, i find the secret pants.

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