Monday, August 22, 2005
  The Devil's Asshole.. yeah, that's right, she's done it again, taken away the internet. then the other night she called the cops on us. but we're strong and won't be fucked with. this lady must surely have a huge karma debt that must surely be called in by the karma bankers. one day, it will happen, and that day will be glorious. i'm salivating at her demise... she IS the devil's asshole. anyway, on to more exciting stuff. we're moving on the 25th of august to victoria to our new place. i can't wait.. to deal with someone else nearly as neurotic... no, it's going to be great and far enough away from evil bitch to hopefully make me forget. then we're going to someplace where we've got access to a log cabin out in the woods which is only accesible by boat. i don't think evil bitch will be able to find us there but who knows... i'm heading back to Melbourne, Australia, on the 28th of Sept for Andrew and Naomi's wedding, then straight back here and probably to find a job which is not particularly exciting, unless i decide to sell my body which could be rather fun.. it was me and rac's birthdays a few days ago, we headed to vancouver which was ace. mine, well i spent it all by myself as R had to work 12-14 hour shifts since we got back from vancouver. a bit of a shame, but R's bday made up for it. i've been getting lots of calls from recruiters, i turned down a job at HP as it would have made me stay in parksville for another month, and that's just not going to happen. so i'm now longer worried about finding work and have put off the search until i get back from Australia. sweet. i'm verging on 4 months of being unemployed and i've never been happier, i highly recommend it! anyway, take care out there, you never know who may be living upstairs from you. i thought i stopped believing in monsters when i was little, but now i can see that monsters are very very real, and they are now known to me as, The Devil's Asshole. SecretPants. 
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i usually just wear my normal pants, but just sometimes, i find the secret pants.

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