Saturday, August 13, 2005
  in the meantime.. i finally have a cable modem so that i can now more fully involve myself with trying to flatter myself on my very own website. anyway, just to recap here's what i've been up to.. since the last picture, it was amanda's birthday, we went to one party she went to another, the hosts of the two parties had a comittee meeting and decided that everyone should come to where we were. that was good. then at some stage later on, R and I tried to go camping at lake cowichan. we got to our campsite after having a few chores to get out of the way in victoria at around 10pm. it was coimpletely dark under the old tree's. we set up as best we could and tried to get a camp fire going, unfortunately there was no fire wood left anywhere. the next day it just didn't stop raining, it didn't stop raining for the next three days actually. and this is our tent in the rain, taken from the picnic table under the tarp angle. some of the tree's..! we looked this way all day long whilst sitting at the picnic table drinking red wine... then we went back to parksville for a while, then one day i went to the post office and they had a present for me... from me. sweet. then one day we had to take a little trip to this place called nanoose bay. it's pretty nice, if i were about 50, and i had a boat, i'd leave it here. after doing all that fun stuff, we decided we should probably try to find somewhere to live. we eventually did, i don't have any photo's because i'm a bit stupid. but this one of the only pictures i took while house hunting. yes it was the first. thats just how it is with apartment photos, seen one, seem pretty much most of em. but ours is a little different. i think. i can't remember... i should have taken pictures.. anyway, this was just one of the crap ones we didn't want to live in.. then i went to victoria university for an afternoon, its a huge uni, massive big grounds, i found these jogging trails through a bush area. then i went into the library because it was pretty hot out there. then on tuesday i went to vancouver. we stayed over night, it was rather good. and that's it. the only other things i have done are grocery shopping and the camera batteries were dead.. 
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