Saturday, October 14, 2006
  and.. we're back.
@ jon 's place, london, uk.met up with andrew and naomi in Barcelona, Spain. the beach on which the campsite sits next to. bat ball?! andrew and friend. andrew and friend wind power! backseat reader.sunset from the largest sand dune, le petite nice, france. near bordeaux i think. it was nice.old lady's dry gin for sale, only at the supermarket at the campsite, le petite nice, france. walking too slowly to catch the sunset in time due to twisted ankle. sitting on the dune at sunset, le petite nice, france.we went out for a fancy meal in la bourgie, france, it was very very good.driving through italy, very moutainous, small narrow roads, but pretty impressive too. pinball always put a smile on our faces if found near the bar. many euros were spent showing off our l33t skillz. Milan, Italy. driving some where... probably in italy. got time to waste before going to the airport? try eating one of these calzones. delicious and huge. Milano, Italy. welcome to bangkok, thailand.the hotel outdoor area, which is crawling with spiders and other things that move and probably bite. Just outside of bangkok. this moutain/hill was just along the beach from our hotel. outside of bangkok.we found this bar with our swiss friend, i had a little jam with the guys, i played drums.. i soon realised, i don't know how to play the drums. here's the german speaking contingent at the bar, we were the only people there. Thailand.a thai fishing boat. big coconut drinks, thailand.ko samui, this was our bungalow, thailand. this is where we eat, looking over the waters. ko samui, thailand. a picture of the lamp, ko samui, thailand. is nice eh?
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