Monday, June 12, 2006
  oh cranbrook, why so dull? well yes, we are in cranbrook, it is certainly not the most beautiful place in BC, but we've found a great spot to sit and use the internet without being bothered, and the food looks pretty good too. So an update of sorts is in order, i suppose.. Firstly, we left Victoria on the 31st of May, to our first destination Vernon. Vernon is a sprawling town of much the same stuff that all towns are made of. We had bbq's and the like and a few beers to wash down our hand made burgers. From Vernon we then went to New Denver. New Denver is a tiny town that is not nescessarily always on the map, but that's good. we camped out on Wragge Beach for about 4 nights which was good because no one asked us to pay for the campsite. I keep gagging each time i have to pay camp site fees, $14 for a campsite by the side of a highway for a night due to the fact it has a toilet and fire pit. $22 will get you a campsite full of RV's and mosquitos for a night in a provincial park with showers. It's just great being a tourist so everyone can try to squeeze you for all the money you are worth just to put your head down.. if you want a hotel/motel deal, we'll they will all advertise their prices, excluding taxes, so add an extra 7% GST, then another 8% PST and then add a hotel tax of %1, making that awesome deal advertised on the highway burn your pocket with a stupid 15% tourist tax. it really makes you want to come back to BC again and again... it just feels like you get f... all value for money in these parts. We then stopped off for a night in Nelson at the Mountain Lodge Inn, it was nice and comfortable and it was fantastic sleeping on a real bed... so much so that we are finding it difficult to summon the courage to keep camping and are madly looking into cabins to rent out in the woods, so far we might be in luck, but many we've called are all booked. and for this i blame people in RV's. If there's one thing i don't care to see any more of is all the stupidly monstrous RV's that are just all over the roads. stupid batty old people who can't see over the steering wheel, let alone reverse the damn thing. why the authorities don't require RV drivers to have truck licenses i'll never know. From Nelson we've driven to Kaslo, to Creston, to Cranbrook. This leg of the trip has not been revolutionary, no no.. But we're only here to get going again, the problem is that we don't really know where we are going so this limbo is a bit odd. I don't have the photos on my computer for now, but head over to Rachel's blog for some photo's.. if you so desire.. All the best, L.  
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