Wednesday, October 19, 2005
  and then daman showed up.. heya not much has been shaking, i had my first thanksgiving, canada style. so i helped make as australian as i oculd with some awesome potatoe salad. it was really good.. i should make more. and i made custard, but that didn't work out so well. it was kinda fun making such an old person's meal. i think i'm still grappling with this whole growing-up-sorta thing. anyway, it was good, we had too much food, and i did all the dishes. then daman showed up. and that was cool, but i was too tired from all the entertaining i'd previously been doing and couldn't muster much more than a few drinks. he's off to calgary now to go work at some horse stable. i haven't heard from him yet, so i hope he's ok, we'll just have to wait and see i guess. aside from that i'm now desperately looking for work, of which there seems to be a whole lot of nothing. but i have applied to a publishing company which I think sounds promising. at least, it seems like a place i'd like working at. I have a phone interview tomorrow, which should be as exciting as hell. i'm a little scared, i guess i should brush up on some nerd literature tonight. i'm not so keen on this job as it requires a bit of web site nerdism, which i'm not so hot at. but we'll see. perhaps i can outsource it.. its getting cold here, which makes me happy!! more and more reasons to stay in bed. i've been listening to a band called 'Stars' today. very poppy, but so delicious. i like. high five.  
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