Friday, July 22, 2005
  i should really be doing other things... well, it seems like i finally have some time to myself, all of 3 minutes, but anyway. life in errington has been trying lately, we lost contact with Mr Internet for a few weeks while MegaCrazy Lady upstairs went insane and had our landlord arrested. i have a video of the police cars in our driveway, i'll see what i can do with that... our landlord has to have a police escort in order to come by and pick up the rent... which was pretty strange... ok, i've realised i'm just procrastinating, i should really be working on my cv and applying for this job, Senior Microsoft Platform Administrator, it sounds kinda fancy, but could be a bit too full on for me... we'll see i guess. mmmm would be nice to have some money coming in... *sigh* 
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