Saturday, June 25, 2005
  little known nowhere.. we had a map (click pic below to enlarge), a hand drawn map, courtesy of a errington native showing us how to get from where we're living to a secret unknown, enchanted forest lagoon fed from the englishman river... or so we thought. so off we go looking for this secret wonderland. we find some ribbons which we follow down the track, which becomes a better made track, then leads us down and around the side of the mountain into the little valley below. hard to see from the picture, but its a tiny little stream i could step across if i were on crutches, running over a couple of stones. but there were two large logs laying across the stream, which lead to a cliff face, so kinda useless and slippery with moss, so we drank a beer and walked back home. many thanks go out to the errington locals for that treasure. 
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i usually just wear my normal pants, but just sometimes, i find the secret pants.

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